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  1. (00:28:10) View / Full - Holy - w/ Chris Weinholdt, Jan Pollack
  2. (00:27:36) View / Full / Download - Almighty - Jim Jordan, Connie Hvidson, Rhonda Holmen
  3. (00:28:05) View / Full / Download - Witness - Malme Family, Joshua Anderson, Jamie Diethrich
  4. (00:28:14) View / Full / Download - Gift - Lutheran Airlines, Jon Holloway
  5. (00:28:09) View / Full / Download - Friend - Taking Your Faith on Vacation, Bishop David G. Mullen
  6. (00:28:43) View / Full / Download - Believe - Eric Malme, Nina Nelson
  7. (00:28:29) View / Full / Download - Heart - Nina Nelson, Ida Krenzin
  8. (00:51:29) View / Full - Lord - 2004 Christmas show - 1 Hour Special
  9. (00:28:29) View / Full / Download - Beauty - Bob Francis, George Niesl
  10. (00:28:24) View / Full / Download - Thanks - Dennis Kalfas, Pr. Stan Niemi
  11. (00:25:53) View / Full - Life - Crossings, Jane Okubo
  12. (00:27:28) View / Full / Download - Lord - Best of Christmas
  13. (00:25:38) View / Full - Power - Celebrate Band, Tim and Marvie Paulson

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